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Geeonx - Create interfaces!

The Geeonx Story:

I came from the Atari 68k world. Disapointed about the demise of 68k homecomputer-systems I thought the creation of a shared libray that ports the GEM-API to Linux x86 would be a nice thing. My imagination was that the combination of GEM and Linux could build a nice alternative to Windows.

I have posted this idea 2008 on But considering the deficiencies of the GEM graphical user interface for programmers I realize that it was time for something new. I decided to create Geeonx as a new, simple and lean GUI-system that should do all window and screen updates for the programmer. Following this new approach I have started to develop a complete new API for a GUI.

After some years of programming work the Geeonx shared library and the GUI-tool Geeonx Creator are ready for download in regard to Linux x86 64 bit and Windows 10 64 bit. With the call of the function gee_draw_all_objects() the whole interface of a Geeonx application will be updated.

Enjoy Geeonx programming.